1, New Saniflo macerators  come with a 2 year manufacturers guarantee unless otherwise specified which is covered by Saniflo UK not by us, but do call us should a problem occur. Other macerator pumps are covered for a minimum of 1years guarantee.
Any repair work we carry out is guaranteed for 3 months this only covers our workmanship this does not cover your machine or parts as the macerator motor/pump can easily be damaged by misuse with wipes, cotton buds, tampons, sanitary products and foreign objects. If future problems arise extra labour charges will apply for any return visits. If a problem arises we must be notified immediately up to a maximum 5 working days. if we attend site and the problem is due to something else and not connected to the original problem you will be charged for the visit at the rates set out in our previous visit invoice.
2, If any problems arise due to our workmanship we will gladly come back free of charge to rectify any problems should they occur we must be notified immediately and up to a maximum of 5 working days, misuse not covered and will be charged for, but we must be allowed to view any problems in their original state first, calling another contractor then informing us after problems are rectified are not covered by us, you have up to 5 days to make a claim.
3, If we are called back to view a problem and no such problems exist and it has been a waste of our time due to nothing actually being wrong then a one hour charge plus any other charges will be applicable to cover our losses.
4, We allow a maximum of 48 hours to cancel an appointment, if we are not notified within this period then the one hour charge you were quoted plus vat will be charged to cover our losses. A one hour minimum charge is applicable to all works whether a repair is successful or not.
Saniflos and other fittings that have been installed incorrectly and not following the manufacturers instructions or guidelines will invalidate any guarantee as the Saniflo will not perform correctly, waste pipes can block easily and puts unessessary strains on the motor resulting in failure.
Any New or old Saniflo’s which are not used correctly i.e. misused (foriegn objects, chemical cleaners, etc) will not be guaranteed.
5, Saniflo-Engineers-London.co.uk is a domain name of City Handyman ltd Company Reg In England. 04962105,
We are independent saniflo repair business and offer a great service.
6,  Goods and services subject to availability

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