How To Clean A Saniflo

How To Clean A Saniflo With Saniflo Descaler

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Limescale in the UK affects all types of plumbing products that have hard water flowing through them, Saniflo Macerators are no


Saniflo Macerators need descaling at least twice a year for normal use but in areas of really hard water or heavy use then the recommended descaling frequency should be 3-4 times per year.

If you do not descale your Saniflo as recommended at some point the machine can fail to start or fails to stop or work intermittently, regular use of Saniflo Descaler will prevent this from happening.

Saniflo Engineers Answer Your Queries: How to Flush, Clean and Utilise Saniflo Descaler for a Cleaner System

Even if you have a water softener you are not immune from scale in a Saniflo, a macerator pump is a human waste machine and needs cleaning regularly.

Read our “How To Clean A Saniflo” instructions.

Saniflo Descaler

1, Turn off the power supply to your Saniflo, this may be a switch or you may have to pop the fuse out, this is normally located near the machine itself.

2, Pour 2.5 litres of Saniflo Descaler down in to the toilet bowl, if you have a larger Saniflo like Saniplus, Sanipro, Sanibest Pro, we recommend pouring the whole 5 litres down in to the toilet.

3, Leave to stand in the Saniflo Macerator for up to two hours for best results.

4, Switch on the Saniflo or pop the fuse back in, the macerator should run momentarily pumping out the Saniflo Descaler out. Once the macerator has stopped pumping, flush the toilet once, wait for the Macerator to stop, then flush once more. This rinses the Saniflo Macerator out and all the remains debris, that’s it your done.

5, Important, do not leave Saniflo Descaler in overnight (As some websites suggest) as it can damage your machine completely. Leaving the descaler in overnight can destroy and otherwise good machine, even the Saniflo Descaler instructions on the back of the bottle say the chemical should only be in the machine for a maximum of two hours.

There are alternatives you can buy but the Saniflo branded Descaler is the best one to buy. Below we have provided two links to Saniflo Descaler and an alternative brand.

Prokleen is undiluted Saniflo Descaler, following the instructions above, then pour one third of a gallon of Prokleen down the toilet pan then flush the toilet and leave it to stand for two hours.

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Thank you for reading our guide How to clean a Saniflo”

Saniflo descaler is not just a cleaner; it’s the ideal Sani solution when you’re wondering how to clean a Saniflo. Formulated specifically for use in Saniflo units, the Saniflo descaler works miracles in keeping your macerator functioning efficiently. As a cleaner, it goes above and beyond, ensuring your system operates optimally, whether it is in a basement bathroom or catering to an upflush toilet.

What’s more, it’s not just any Saniflo that can benefit from this descaler. The Saniflo descaler is good for any Saniflo system, including the Saniflo macerator, macerator toilets, even the less common Saniflo pumps. Yes, those powerful pumps designed to send wastewater from toilets or water areas upward can also be kept in check with this Saniflo descaler.

In the process of cleaning, the Saniflo descaler doesn’t merely flush out the grime. It gets to work washing the system’s interior components, ensuring your Saniflo macerator is as clean as can be. In fact, with regular use, this Saniflo descaler can help extend the life of your Saniflo system.

But, suppose you are unsure about the cleaning process. In that case, you can always pose a question to our team of experienced Saniflo engineers. They are ever ready to provide answers and guide you through the process of using the descaler. These professional cleaners will tell you that the Saniflo descaler is also great for cleaning your Saniflo units installed in upflush toilets – what Americans refer to as Saniflo macerators.

The best part is, our services are prompt. With fast delivery guaranteed, you can have the Saniflo descaler at your doorstep in no time, if you purchase over a certain price, guess what? You qualify for free delivery! Also, check prices on Amazon, we provide links to the product for all our customers.

Whether you need to wash your macerator toilet or clean a Saniflo installed in a basement bathroom, our Saniflo descaler is the perfect answer to your cleaning needs. It is compatible with most Saniflo units, making it a versatile cleaner and a wise investment for every homeowner.

Remember, clean Saniflo systems don’t just happen; they are the result of a dedicated cleaning routine and the right Sani solutions like our Saniflo descaler. So, take that decisive step today. Choose the Saniflo descaler for your Saniflo systems and relish the efficiency of a well-maintained system.

Saniflo macerator cleaners.Sani solutions for cleaning your macerator toilet.

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