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Saniflo Engineers London – We have many years of experience repairing unblocking and installing new parts on a Saniflo Macerator. We not only Fix Saniflo’s, we are one of a few companies which will unblock a Saniflo Waste Pipe which leads from the top of the Saniflo Box out to the main sewer pipe outside of the property, so you get two jobs done at once.

Most Saniflo Engineers in London will only repair the Saniflo which means you would have to call out a drainage company to unblock the waste pipe which means you have to pay two companies to do the work, with us you get both jobs done if needed providing we have safe access to the outside main waste pipe.

Saniflo Engineers London are five days a week Monday to Friday. If we cannot answer the phone when you call we may be on another call so please leave a voice message, speak slowly and clearly and we will call you back after our jobs have been completed. If you do not recieve a call back it would be because we could not hear the message properly, so please try again, we will be pleased to hear from you.

We are Specialist Saniflo Engineers dedicated to providing a quality repair service one you can rely on.

WARNING, Do not call any company out that does not carry spare parts as they probably have no intention of repairing servicing or unblocking your Saniflo.


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