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Low-call: 0845 224 0019

Call us for help and advice we are here to help you.

Not only do we Fix and unblock Saniflo’s we can also help you with Plumbing Emergencies.

Need help or advice and a first class service, just call on one of the numbers above.

Plumber London can help you fix all your problems like,

  • Leaking Burst Pipes Drainage Wc’s
  • Taps And Tap Washers
  • Shower Basin And Bath Traps
  • Blocked Sinks Baths Showers Toilets Wc Urinals
  • Toilet Overflows And Overflow pipes
  • Replace Broken Copper Or Plastic Pipes
  • Unblock Bath Basin Shower Sink Pipework
  • Replace Sink Waste Disposal Macerator Units
  • Supply Fit Or Repair Saniflo Macerator Pumps
  • Replace Shower Pumps
  • Replace Electric Showers
  • Change Thermostatic Shower Vales
  • Install Monobloc Sink And Basin Taps
  • Repair Or Install Replacement Flushes And Push Button Flushes
  • Install Replacement Toilets
  • Drain Rodding

We carry the most commonly used parts on our vans to fix most problems on site there and then, specialist unblocking tools, drills, ladders tap washers and much more.

Direct Line: 07958 758840 Local: 0845 224 0019

Our Fast Service Covers All North East South West Central London. 

Plumber London.

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