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Saniflo’s fixed repaired & unblocked today normally within a few hours subject to availability, We carry spare parts to fix them on site, call for help & advice speak to an engineer now. We are Saniflo repair specialists experts at solving problems since 2005, read our reviews.

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WARNING, Do not call any company or plumbers out that does not carry Saniflo spare parts as they probably have no intention of repairing servicing or unblocking your macerator, we will fix it for you, plumbers won’t they will waste your time and money, please check with the company that you are calling on use saniflo repair engineers that are specialists for the best outcome.

Saniflo Repairs Saniflo Service Saniflo Problems – Fantastic Service!

99% of problems are fixed on the first visit. If you do not own a Saniflo branded macerator we can fix other makes aswell, most macerators work on the same principle they are just manufactured differently. If you decide your macerator is to old for a repair we can supply and fit new macerators at competitive prices, use our Saniflo engineer to install one.

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  • Expert Diagnosis Professional Advice.
  • Repairs, Blockages Overflowing Problems Fixed Same Day.
  • Install New Spare Parts From Stock Which Are Carried If Needed.
  • Diagnose Faulty Macerator’s And Many Other Branded Toilet Macerators.
  • Other Plumbing, Broken Taps, Drainage Parts Fix Leaks And Unblock Toilets
  • Turboflush, Grundfoss, Edincare Hydrolux Macerator Pumps .
  • Sanivite Sanipro Sanispeed Saniplus Sanicompact Sanichasse Sanislim Sanibest Sanitop Sanimarin TurboFlush T11 Hydrolux Grundfos Wickes Watergenie, Watereasy Engineers.
  • Top Tip, Descale Regulary To Keep Your Machine In Good Working Order.
  • Sanitary Towels Wet Wipes Condoms Cotton Buds Tampons Baby Wipes Cotton Pads Will Damage The Motor
  • DO NOT put acid chemicals or drain unblockers inside the unit if it does not work as it can destroy it.
  • Motors that have not been looked after or have been misused will not last very long be careful.
  • We use dust sheets to protect your floors and put everything back as it was.
  • If you require an Installer we can install a new one for you use our Saniflo Service.

Saniflo Repairs Saniflo Macerator Repair in London

Common Problems Frequently Asked questions FAQ

My Saniflo Macerator is Blocked

Your Saniflo blockage can due to a variety of reasons normally by a foreign object that has been put into the macerator by accident. If a sanitary towel or Tampax as they are known are dropped down the toilet they can and will jam the motor, when the motor cant turn it cant pump out the water and then the toilet, bath, shower, basin or bidet will back up with water sometimes this can be unpleasant.  Other blockages can be caused by toilet or hand wipes, these are normally made from synthetic materials and after so many have gone into the macerator they knot together and will jam the motor.

Limescale is another cause of blockages, if you live in a hard water area and have not descaled your Saniflo Macerator as required 2-3 times a year, after about three to five years your Saniflo will be packed with limescale and will need cleaning out by hand as no descaler will be powerful enough to do the job, DO NOT use spirits of salt, drain unblocker or similar products as you will damage your Macerator.

My Saniflo Is Vibrating and Looks Like It Is Going To Take Off

This will be due to large amounts of sanitary towels, Tampax or handwipes being thrown down the toilet, they knot together and get caught on the blade and throw the macerator off balance as it is turning causing it to vibrate or shudder out of control.

My Saniflo Macerator Pump Is Leaking From The Air Vent On The Top

When your macerator pump does not switch on to take the water away the toilet water will rise up in the toilet bowl, sink, shower, basin or bidet. Your natural instinct as with a normal toilet is to flush the toilet one more time to clear a blockage, with a macerator pump this is a big mistake. If your pump does not switch on do not add more water to it otherwise the water level will be higher than your macerator pump and water will leak out of the air vent.

There is a safety valve for emergencies inside the vent, it works on a float basis, when the water level rises in your pump the valve closes, if your lucky no water will come out of the vent this is the case 90% of the time, sometimes the water will dribble out. If someone has poked a screwdriver or coat hanger down the vent in the past, they probably knocked it off so the water will gush out. If this is the case you must get a bucket and a jug then empty the water from your toilet to get the water level down lower than the macerator pump to stop your property from being flooded.

My Saniflo Macerator Pump Is Noisy

The most probable cause is a foreign object being thrown down the toilet, there are metal blades inside your macerator pump and anything other than toilet waste that comes in to contact will cause a dreadful noise. Other possible causes for macerator pump noises could be due to a worn motor if it’s worn out it will make a knocking sound as it is running, and you will need a new macerator installed.

My Saniflo Macerator Pump Is Buzzing Or Making A Humming Sound Stopped Working

If your macerator pump is making a buzzing or humming sound it is most likely due to a foreign object being inside the macerator chamber jamming the motor. These objects need to be removed, another possible cause is that the electrical capacitor is blown due to the pump being overloaded and will need to be replaced or worst case the motor is worn out and will not turn anymore, in this instance you will need a new macerator pump.

My Saniflo Macerator won’t Switch Off I’m Turning It Off Using The Wall Switch

If your macerator pump does not switch on and off by itself is due to a variety of reasons. If your macerator pump is blocked your machine will not switch off until the water has cleared as the machine is still full. Your machine will not turn off due to a worn out microswitch or a damaged membrane which has become caked in limescale or has shrunk by using excessive amounts of toilet cleaning liquid. These toilet cleaners shrink the membrane after a long period of time and don’t allow the microswitch to turn the machine off, in this instance, it’s best to change the membrane and microswitch together to cure the problem.

My Saniflo Macerator Pump Starts Intermittently On Its Own

There are many reasons for this type of problem, if you have a leaky tap, an overflowing toilet, a faulty microswitch or the plumber connected your new boiler to the macerator pump it will start on it’s own. Your macerator pump will need to be inspected, the most common cause is a faulty membrane or microswitch which would need to be changed, the other symptoms can be checked by your self visually.

My Saniflo Macerator Pump Fuses Or Trips The Electric Once Activated

This is generally not a good sign, if your lucky you will have loose electrical connections leading to your macerator pump these will need to be checked and inside the macerator too. The most probable cause is your macerator pump is worn out and water is leaking into the motor itself fusing or tripping your electrics, the motor cannot be repaired, you will need to replace your Saniflo Macerator Pump.

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