Saniflo Repairs London Don’t Panic Help Is At Hand.

Saniflo Repairs London What To Do And Where To Go.

If your Saniflo has stopped working properly, don’t worry help is at hand. There are a few self help things you can do yourself before calling out a Saniflo Repair Engineer. If your Saniflo Macerator is malfunctioning the first thing you should do is, make sure it is switched on as sometimes the external power switch can get turned off by accident, this happens very often and you think you have Saniflo Problems. Does the Saniflo Macerator have power to it, you can buy an electrical tester for about £13 which you hold against the power cable and it glows red if it is live, make sure the fuse is ok, if you don’t have a fuse tester take a 5amp fuse out of another appliance that is working and put it in the Saniflo power plug or fused spur. If no power is in the cable once the switch is on and the fuse has been changed, is the power supply live inside the switch?

Saniflo Repairs London

Get your electrical tester and hold it against the power supply and it will glow red if power is present, if not, go to your fuse box as the mains power supply may have tripped out, switch it back on if it has. If this is on go back to the switch and make sure the electrical connections are tight as loose wires can make the Saniflo work intermittently. If after all these checks have been made and you now have power to the unit, flush the toilet and see if it works. NOTE: Do not flush the toilet if the bowl is already full as you will end up flooding the bathroom. If the bowl is already full when you finally have power to the unit, it should automatically switch on and empty itself, if not then you most probably have an internal problem which will result in a Saniflo Repairs. A site visit will be required to determin what is wrong with the unit.

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