Saniflo Repairs Do You Need Help In London To Fix Them?

Saniflo Repairs

Are needed now and again but do not panic. Most Saniflo Repairs are easily fixed in a few easy steps. First of all if your Saniflo is not working properly do not use it or anything that is connected to it like a washing machine, bath, shower, basin toilet or bidet.

As it is not functioning properly this could make your problems worse, because if the pump is not working you are likely to flood your property and will cause even more problems that you really don’t need.

Firstly you should turn off the power to the Saniflo if possible, empty as much water out of the toilet, bath, shower, basin, bidet as possible because if the water levels are high the Saniflo box it will leak out of the top.

Get a bucket and a jug and scoop as much water as you can and pour it directly down the drain or another loo if you have one. If this is not possible or it is too mucky do not hesitate to give us a call we would be glad to help you.

We Solve Most Saniflo Problems On Our First Visit Within The Hour And Carry Spare Parts.

Call 07958758840 Anytime or Email Us To Request A Call Back 

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