Frozen Saniflo – Motor Is Running On It Wont Switch Off Probably Frozen Pipe

Saniflo Frozen Waste Outlet Pipe

In periods of cold weather below Zero -1 your Saniflo Macerator may appear to be blocked, this is probably due to a frozen pipe.

Most Saniflo’s have a 22mm outlet wastepipe which connects to the outside main drain sewer pipe normally the large six inch pipe at the side, front or the back of your property.

Your Saniflo waste pipe will come out of the wall near the drainpipe and connect to a special adapter which looks like a strap with a bolt on one side which holds it on.

The reason for your Saniflo appearing to be blocked is because the section of 22mm waste pipe which comes out of your property is normally about 18 inches long or more and does not have any pipe lagging/insulation around it and gets frozen.

When it is as cold as -1 or more degrees we recommend that you or our customers wait until the outside temperature gets above 1-2 degrees then try the macerator.

If it starts to pump the water out then the pipe was frozen, if not then call us out to try and unblock it for you.

If you have access to the pipe then you can simply pour some hot water over the pipe and if the Saniflo starts to work, congratulations you have fixed the problem yourself.

After that you can buy some 22mm pipe insulation from a plumbing or DIY store and insulate it yourself or wrap some dry towels around the pipe thickly secured with sticky tape or cable ties for the time being.

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